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We Did It!!

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You have to share the glory with me on this one!

You really talked me through a rough month.

I finished my third half marathon yesterday in Dallas.

And I rocked it.

photo (11)

Just look at that smile!!

I shaved NINE minutes off my time!

I can’t find my Garmin right now, but my watch time was 2:38 (and some change).  What the what?

I was so surprised. I have a theory on why I did so well, but I am going to talk about that later.

I started the race with J from the running club and the first two miles were awful, just awful. I expected that. I haven’t been running and I knew going in that my only goal was to finish this race. I projected a time somewhere in the 2:50 range. At mile two, I sent J off because I already needed to walk for a bit.

I took my time, walking and running, just trying to remember that I wanted to finish without injury.  About mile 4 or 5 I realized that I was still in front of the 2:40 pacer.  I decided to do my best at staying in front of them for as long as I could.

photo (12)

I tried to take some pictures, but they all turned out blurry.  We headed into Highland Park and I love running through that neighborhood. The houses are so incredible! Again, I wanted to take pictures, but didn’t want to stop.

I sailed through miles 6-8 and realized that I really wasn’t walking anymore except through the water stops.  When I hit mile 9 I knew that I was on track to PR. I was stunned but very happy.

Somewhere around mile 10.5 I started to drag. My legs were so heavy but each time I saw that 2:40 pacer come up behind me I still found something to push through.

Mile 11 I kept looking at my watch and trying to do math. Ummmm… it is not possible for me to do math when I have been running for two hours. I knew I had a PR coming, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what time I would possibly get.

Mile 12 we hit the Ross Ave. hill and it almost took me down. I was right with the pacer and she kept pushing me. Bless her. She didn’t know me but could see that I was really struggling. We hit the top of the hill and she told me it was all downhill from there.

That last mile was the hardest part for sure. I had nothing left in the tank.

I crossed the finish line and cheered like it was my job!

I made it past the medals and grabbed a water bottle and then tried to look at my Garmin. I stopped it and it said “New Record”.

Fastest Half Marathon 2:38

I took nine minutes off my time from the Plano Balloon half.

After the race, the running club all met up for lunch and I dove into the largest order of cheese fries I could find. PR = all the calories I can eat, in my book 🙂

photo (13)

You would think that running 13.1 miles would be enough for me for one day, but I’m an overachiever.

Last night was also the Halloween Dance for The Boss! I took a nap, spent some time with my foam roller and then proceeded to spend the evening watching a bunch of homeschooled kids dance the night away.

photo (14)

omg, she’s so cute and I love how the cats needed to get in on the picture.

We got home at about 1am and I proceeded to sleep until 10 this morning. I feel great today. A little stiff but nothing that some stretching can’t take care of. No hamstring or IT band isssues, no shin splints. It’s an amazing thing.

photo (16)

So I share this pretty piece of bling with you. For inspiring me with all your amazing runs, for supporting me when I doubt myself and for listening to me go on and on and on.

Thank you ❤


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  1. I was thinking about you yesterday and hoping that you would have good news to share. I’m so glad you did! Congratulations on a great run! I love hearing how positive and excited you are! I can’t seem to stop using exclamation points! 🙂

  2. Awesome job! Love the bling, too!

  3. Congratulations! What an inspiring race story!

  4. Wow! NINE minutes?? I’m generally happy shaving off 45 seconds! Congratulations and so good to see the smile on your face!!

  5. Woo!! Congratulations! That’s an impressive improvement on your PR!!

  6. That is an awesome time! I need to work on mine. I’ve been hit with a case of the ” I don’t give a s-” lately. A nine mile improvement is amazing!

  7. Awesome and congrats!!! And, the cheese fries look amazing….:)

  8. Annnnnd, I’m here! Finally! And so very happy for you!!! xo

  9. You are the most adorably photogenic blogger I read! And good call on the cheese fries. Congratulations on the half, sounds amazing.

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