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I Have Mixed Feelings About Turkeys Now

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I hate going to the grocery store. Like for real, I would rather clean the bathroom than be forced to walk the aisles in search of food in my local grocer. I don’t know why, but I really hate it.

Enter Kroger Click List.


I order my groceries online, I pull up at my designated time, and they put them in my car for me. This is the best invention ever. I could not be happier! Also, I am pretty sure it is saving me money because I stick to my list when I use the online shopping.

*This is not a sponsored post, I legit love this service.

Fridays are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week.

First up, I went skating and we were the only people there for about an hour. skating.JPG

It had been two weeks since I had skated and it took a minute to get my legs to cooperate. I worked on endurance and stops and felt pretty good by the time I left.

After a quick shower, The Boss and I headed out for lunch. This week, we decided on Cheesecake Factory.


Because, cheesecake…


Saturday night I headed over to T&As house to make smores. But I was accosted at my car by some overly friendly turkeys.


Reggie happened to pull up the same time that I did and we both hid in my car until someone came and scared them away.

They really just wanted to say hello, but those guys are creepy! I’m not sure how I feel about eating turkey anymore. I did promise never to eat it again if they would just leave me alone.

Not sure I can stick to that.


It was really dark so I didn’t take any pictures of my actual smores, but I did bring raspberry jam to put on them. That is my favorite thing to add to smores! Yum!

I also brought some of my favorite Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies!


This recipe came from SL and I adore it! These cookies are so chewy and soft, ugh….

Your turn! 

What do you do to smores to take them up a notch?

Anyone else pick up on the fact that I was obviously PMSing this week? I never eat this many sweets! 

Do you order your groceries online or do you actually like going to the store? 

Please tell me that someone else is afraid of oversized birds! 

Donuts, Dogs and Derby Girls

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Just a fun 10 things post about my weekend!

Friday night I grilled steaks for myself and The Boss.


They turned out fantastic and then I took a bath with my black bath bomb.

black bath bomb.JPG

Just as much fun as I thought it would be and smelled incredible.

I forgot to take a picture of the ring, but I will try to remember to do that later.

Saturday morning we met up with friends to go garage sale-ing. The first thing we had to do was get donuts.


We were all disappointed with the sales, but brunch made up for it.


And $2 mimosas didn’t hurt either.


Saturday night I was able to have dinner with my two favorite people in the entire world.

dinner with the kids.JPG

Together again!

Sunday I was cheering at the Dallas AIDS Lifewalk with some of my derby girls.

derby girls.JPG

It was a very dog friendly event and the pups were everywhere!

doggie love.JPG

I went home and cleaned my wheels, thinking that I would get to practice.

clean wheels.JPG

However, I ended up with a nice sunburn and started to feel sick, so I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. instead.


I didn’t even think about sunscreen since it was October. Stupid move on my part.

Sound off! What did you do this weekend?

Am I the only one who gets sunburned in October?

Do people still have big garage sales or has Craigslist killed those? 

Easy on the Eyeballs

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I never thought that I would love Snapchat as much as I do. It’s like opening a present because you never know what your friends have sent you!

peeled blueberries.PNG

Case in point. Reggie sent me this gem of her peeled blueberries that looked uncannily like eyeballs.

And a certain person who seems to snapchat only when they are on the toilet. I’m not naming names, but you know who you are!

Hand Update: it’s doing a little better, I can use it more, but I still don’t have a full range of motion and my fingers are still swollen and in pain. I really want to skate on Sunday. I’m starting to get a little twitchy! The doctor said that it might take 10-14 days, but I really didn’t think it would. I am only going on day 6 right now, although it feels like forever.

Yesterday The Boss and I took advantage of us both being home during the day to go gorge ourselves on Tex-Mex.


We are adjusting to our new schedule fairly well. It still needs a little bit of tweaking, but we both seem to be getting our work done without bothering each other too much.


Last night, Die-te and I went to see Cobi in concert.  I think she was trying to convince me to start running again. She sure did make it sound great. We’ll see.

The Kessler.JPG

The venue was tiny and we were right up front. He put on a great show and I recommend that everyone check out his song Don’t You Cry for Me. Swooooon!


Oh, and he is not bad to look at either😉

What was the last concert you went to?

Do you Snapchat? The bigger question is, do you Snapchat on the potty? This seems to be a rarity, but I actually don’t take my phone with me in the bathroom. That’s a thing! Now, go wipe down your phones, yuk! 

A Few of My Favorite Things

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Reggie got me into these candles with the jewelry inside of them. This set is a special Halloween edition and I can’t wait to use the bath bomb! It’s BLACK! Like my cold, little heart!


Do I really need to tell you to go buy this? I only wish I could think of more things to put it on.



If you aren’t washing your sheets in this, then I am not sure how you sleep at night. It’s less than $5 and smells like heaven. I specifically wash my sheets and all my “couch blankets” in it.  Reggie also introduced me to this at my last Favorite Things Party.

Speaking of Reggie, can you guess where we were last night?



She also gave me the best gift last night!


It’s a Stars luggage tag🙂 This was my going away present since my new job requires me to travel more. Now I can represent my team no matter where I am!

Have you tried the candles with rings inside? I’ll admit that it is really fun. It’s like the grown-up version of a Cracker Jack box. 

What’s your favorite splurge item at the grocery store? I picked up some of the Pumpkin Spice Coffee at TJ’s this week and tried it this morning. omg y’all. I don’t care how basic it makes me, I am going to buy some more before it’s gone! 



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I have come to terms with injuries. As a runner,  I felt like I was constantly hurting in one way or another.

Turns out that roller derby is no different.


Pretty, huh?

Saturday morning I went trail skating with a friend and I was unhappy with the trail we picked. The gaps in the sidewalk were quite large and it made it difficult for me to find a rhythm.


We skated for five miles and I will admit that I was exhausted. I saw a particularly large gap and tried to step over it and my legs just didn’t cooperate. I fell on my hand and hyperextended my fingers.


I wrapped it up and hoped for the best on Saturday night. Wen I woke up on Sunday morning, I had almost no mobility and the bruising was worse, so I made the adult decision to go have some x-rays.

It’s not broken!! Super happy about that. Will hopefully get to skate again soon, but I need the swelling to go down first. My fingers still look like sausages right now and I can’t really move them.


Friday was my last day at the office. I already miss my peeps, but I also have my other job to keep me hella busy!

Reggie and I celebrated Friday night with martinis on the patio. IMG_5347.JPG


Stitch showed up later, but I don’t know where those photos are. Happy hour martinis and patio weather are a dangerous combo!

Talk to me! 

How fast do you go to the doctor? I am a waiter, I will wait until I really don’t feel like I have an option not to go. 

What’s your favorite patio beverage? I love some mimosas on the patio ( and that needs to  happen again soon!) but I will drink whatever when the weather is right. 

2 Months Later…

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Yeah, I got called out a few times recently for not blogging.

You know who you are!

Also, my mom reads this and would probably like to know that I am still around since I never call her.

Hi, Mom! 

There is no way that I can catch you on on the last two months, so let’s play a game of 10 things!

  1. Yes, I am still doing roller derby, although this week, it kind of did me instead! I took a pretty spectacular fall during a relay, smacked my noggin and split my pants from top to bottom. It was a sight to see.

Not really, no one wanted to see that much ass hanging out. Derby Does Suzan.JPG

2. I got over my wicked fear of skating outside and have fallen in love with trail skating!

In fact, I am going again this weekend!

Trail Skate.JPG

3. I went to the Derby Prom and took a pic with this hot lady!

Derby Prom.jpg

Seriously Die-ty is freaking awesome, and she blogs and she is just like me and likes to pretend to take selfies while taking pictures of things that need to be shared with you….

4. like this man-bun gone horribly wrong.

Man Bun Done Wrong.JPG

Okay, the picture is blurry, but it was dark in there. Total man bun while completely bald on top. No. Just no.

5. The weight gain

Chicken and Waffles.JPG

Not sure when it happened, but one day I woke up and realized that I have gained about 25  pounds in the last couple of years. Granted, these have been some tough years, but that shit has to stop and the best way for me to do that is to have all my peeps hold me accountable!

I do not regret the Chicken & Waffles. Not even a little bit. 

6. Still not dating

.Derby Prom Date.JPG

My date to the Derby Prom was my bestie Stitch. No dating and not looking. Really happy with the way things are right now.

7. It’s Hockey Season!!


So ready for this! The Boss and I have been trying to be patient but it’s been tough! We head to our first preseason game next week.

8.  Cool new hair.New Hairs.JPG

Had some fun with my hair and really loved the results. I’m hoping to kick it up a notch soon.

10. I’m leaving my desk job.

Squad .JPG

My squad. My work family. Hell, my family. I love these effing people so much and I will miss seeing them every day, but I just couldn’t keep on with two full time jobs any longer. Today is actually my last day at my job and I am standing, ready for whatever life throws at me. I’ll still be working with the YouTube channels, but that has taken a different turn and includes a lot more travel now, and I was given the opportunity to go down to just one job and I took it. It’s what’s best for me and The Boss but damn I will miss these goobers.

Okay, so feel free to fire off the questions. I kind of deserve to have to play along since I left you hanging for two months, and two months before that, and how long before that? 

Be back soon! This time, I mean it ;) 

Things are Happening!

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My apologies for disappearing again.

Things are shaking up at The Nuthouse and sometimes I get so far behind that I don’t know where to start.

So, I told Reggie that she could punch me if I didn’t get a blog post done today and believe me when I tell you, she would happily punch me.

Random bits from June:

Lola got really sick, had emergency surgery and spent about a week in the hospital.

The Boss and Lola.jpg

It was touch and go for a while and we weren’t sure she was going to make it.


Happy Dog.JPG

Man, I can’t tell you how happy that made me. I was lost without her.

I lovingly refer to her as my $10,000 dog now.

Cone of Shame.JPG

Worth. Every. Penny.

I was lucky enough to spend an evening with a friend, watching him blow glass. Seriously so cool…but hot…but cool!

glass blowing.JPG

Remember in my last post when I said that I had something new coming?

derby girl.JPG

Yeah, I decided to start playing roller derby.

I had been trying to get back into running but I just wasn’t challenging myself. I really needed something that was going to push me mentally and physically.

roller derby.JPG

And boy does it. 

I’m exhausted in the best way possible. I don’t dwell on things that I don’t need to dwell on because I am busy learning new skills and pushing myself to my limits.

There are more changes coming but this post is already long!

I’ll keep you guys posted if you keep coming back🙂


Ten Things To Catch Up

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We are going to play 10 things again today because I got behind schedule again. I had one of those crazy busy weeks!

gym selfie.JPG

This was my celebration face when the lights came back on at the gym. Luckily, I had just finished my interval training on the treadmill. That would have SUCKED to have my treadmill just stop on me.


The Boss received an award at honors night! She’s done so well for herself in public school. I could not be more proud. It was tough for me when she decided to quit homeschooling, but it was obviously the right choice for her.


I went out with a friend last week and he taught me how to play darts! I had never played before and had a bit of beginner’s luck. I kept getting bullseyes.

FU Darts.JPG

He took it like a champ…

cards against humanity.JPG

QL and I went to a Cards Against Humanity night which was a blast!

And I finally remembered to take pictures of the items from my Favorite Things Party! I didn’t take any other pictures because we have already established that I’m a terrible blogger but it doesn’t seem like you guys care too much. I’m still fairly entertaining.

Favorite things 1.JPG

SL brought a bag of goodies from Trader Joe’s, duh. I should have thought of this one. I love TJ’s.

favorite things 2.JPG

Reggie gave us individual mugs of Malibu and Coke and the cutest hotel keychain!

Favorite things 3.JPG

Also brought, this amazing lotion. It’s so thick and smells good enough to eat. A Dory bag and hot tea, because there is never not a good time for tea. And Epsom Salt Rub. That’s right, you don’t have to soak in the tub to get the benefits of Epsom Salt. This is going to come in real handy, real soon. I’m not spilling the beans yet, but be ready, I’ve got another adventure up my sleeve.

Favorite things 4.JPG

And parking cards!! Ha! I will totally hand these out. Also, if I know your car and I see it out, I may just stick one on there because I’m mean like that.


And it’s not from the favorite things party but my 10th picture is of barbeque, because, well, because barbeque!

That’s all for now, kids! 

Darts, yes or no? Does drinking help? Beginner’s luck? Can I assume that next time I will not be able to stick anything?

Do you play Cards Against Humanity? We should play together if you do. Seriously, download Evil Apples and let me know. ;) 

You’re dying to know what I’m about to undertake aren’t you? Go ahead and guess! It will be fun. 

Birds of a Feather

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I think I got called out a few times this weekend for not blogging for so long! Thanks for making me feel like you want to hear all about my adventures!

You know who you are. 

Brisket Nachos.JPG

Obligatory lunch picture.  Brisket Nachos, y’all.

open sunroof.JPG

The weather here has been so great this past week that I spend every drive with the sunroof open and my music blasting. It’s a simple thing but it makes me so happy.

glass workshop .JPG

Saturday, MW and I went to a glass making singles event. Yes, I know that I am not dating right now, but we had signed up for a few of these things and I am still going to go!

suzan and MW.JPG

We had a great time and I will make sure to show you my art when I get to pick it up.

Saturday night I went to a patio party with Miss Vodka and Reggie. It was 70s themed and Reggie decided that our adorable waiter looked like Shaggy from Scooby-doo.


I think she might have been on to something.

vodka shots.JPG

The shots were flowing and soon we even made drunk patio neighbor friends. Not normally a shot girl, but cherry vodka tends to make me very friendly.

patio drunks.JPG

That was a fun night.

Sunday I hosted a Favorite Things Party but I haven’t had a chance to take pictures yet. I will take some pictures of all the favorite things that were shared this week, I promise.

Shots or not? I don’t normally partake, but on occasion, I have been known to throw a few back. 

Tell me about your artsy endeavours! I had never worked with glass before and it was really fun. 


We all Scream for Ice Cream!

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Have I started to figure out a schedule? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Wednesday night, Reggie and I went to the local social run. IMG_4523.JPG

She was thrilled with me trying to take pictures. After the run we were rewarded with beer and pizza and I even won a raffle and got some shoe cleaner.

Pffffft. As if I’m going to clean my shoes. 

I’m working on an article about ice cream shops for a local magazine and since I procrastinated, I have eaten at five (yes FIVE) different ice cream shops in the last two days.


Reggie and I had ice cream for lunch and it was awesome! Probably my favorite shop so far. Out of five, in case you missed that.

Then we ran errands and my evil tendencies struck again at Hobby Lobby.


Makes me laugh every stinking time.


I took everyone’s advice and went out for a mani/pedi last night that included a strawberry margarita. Yep, gonna love dating myself. I’m delightful. And so easy to get along with!


Then another ice cream stop before dinner. Those cheeks y’all. They are better than any ice cream.


Then there was some beer and we decided that we needed to eat some solid food.


I make really good choices with my life.

I finally headed back to my car and it turns out that A had left a little (or not so little) surprise for me on my back window.who put this dick here.jpg

With friends like these…

Thanks for all of the ideas for dating myself. I took some time last year before I started dating to focus on me and it was great. My therapist really pushed the self love and paying attention to what I wanted to do after I focused on other people for so long. I think this is going to be really good for me and I am looking forward to it!

Talk to me! 

Favorite ice cream flavor? My favorite this week has been called Slowpoke, which was chocolate with salted caramel and pecans. droooooool. 

Admit it, do you draw or write things when your friends have dirty cars?