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Let’s Run All the Races!

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Two races this week?


Sure! Why not?

Reggie and I suffered through the traffic-fest and cold that was the Hot Chocolate Dallas 5k.

We did great and had a blast once we actually got there.


While sitting in traffic, I saw the apartment complex that I was meant to live in.


After the race I was pumped because I knew that I crushed my time from Sunday. Turns out, I came in just under 42 minutes. 42 was my goal so I will happily take 41:57… and chocolate.


Can we talk about my hair? Actually, let’s not.

My next goal will be to get back under 40 so I should probably get out and run some.

After the race, it was time for fancy brunch with some of my favorite people on the planet.


Mimosas and cheese fries really hit the spot.

After brunch, I went home and took a quick nap before The Boss and I headed out for a hockey game!!


Hockey games make me stupid happy.

Maybe I should just start hanging around ice rinks, trying to pick up a hockey player. You think that would work?

Just throwing it out there to the Universe!

Talk to me! 

Did you watch the Superbowl? I didn’t, I couldn’t care less about football, but did get to see a few commercials while MW and I killed some margaritas at the bar. 

What’s your favorite sporting event to watch?

What do you run for? the bling? chocolate? beer? (all of the above, obviously) 

Yeah, Whatever

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I know, don’t even say it.

Just know that I have been dealing with stuff.


I have officially filed for divorce.

It was easy, far too easy. Is that what it has come to these days? I thought I would be more sad, but I suppose I have had a lot of time to deal with the emotions and I actually feel….happy?….content?….I’m not sure what the word is.

But I’m good and Mr. Challenge and I will be great co-parents and hopefully when wounds heal, even friends again.

So, guess what I did this past weekend?


My first race of 2016!! Whoop!! Reggie and I did the “Too Cold To Hold” 5k although the weather was beautiful!

Can we talk about the guy behind us? He does NOT look happy. Probably because he was wearing long sleeves and it was already 65 degrees.

ummm..and boobs. We won’t talk about those.


We finished with a dismal 46 minute time.

but that’s partly because Reggie got sick at mile 2 and spent some time puking up red Powerade on the bridge.

In her defense, she was sick but really wanted to run this race. She kept taking off and sprinting ahead of me and then I would catch up once in a while (when she would slow down!). I walked quickly through the water stop at about 1.5 miles and I saw her running straight through. I could see her heading towards the bridge but she looked like she was slowing down. I sped up so that I could catch up with her and then stopped short when I noticed her doubled over on the bridge.

I stood next to her (but I didn’t need to hold her hair because she was already wearing a ponytail) and I swear I didn’t laugh.

Okay, I laughed a little because she was stuck on the bridge and runners kept trying to dodge the red splatters bouncing back up.

Once she was finished (and I asked her if she was okay), I informed her that I would be telling everyone at work. ‘Cause I’m a good friend!

We walked for about half a mile and then Reggie turned to me and asked if I was ready to run it in! Holy Sh*t! This girl is legit!

So we finished. With me about 3 seconds behind her…whomp whomp.

Neither of us will ever want to drink red Powerade again, but we will be hitting up another 5k this weekend.

Sunday night I spent the evening watching the NHL AllStars game.


I was disappointed in my Stars but it was so much fun to watch!

So, here is my promise.

I promise to keep blogging, if you guys promise to keep reading and commenting. I have not shared a lot on the blog because I didn’t know how to address certain things. But the truth is, I just need to be honest. It will take me a while to get back into the habit, but I seriously have the best stories and I need to share them with the world.

And let’s be real. You guys know that you want a front row seat to the train wreck that will be Dating in the Nuthouse!


Yep, that’s happening. You know it’s gonna be good. It’s me after all.

Christmas Crud

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Yep, guess who got sick over Christmas break?

This girl.

I came down with it on Christmas Eve and spent just over a week huddled up on the couch with a box of tissues and my Friends.


Why is Netflix so judgy? So I wanna sit on the couch and watch tv for 7 straight days, so what?!

Christmas came and went. I was a little nervous that it would be strange Christmas morning with my new family of three, but it was actually quite nice!

Our unseasonably warm weather on Christmas Eve was great for the cats


but then of course, brought on the tornados that killed several people just after the holiday.

The Boss and I were glued to the tv that night as we watched the storms come straight toward us and then veer off slightly to the east.

We are used to unpredictable weather, but tornados in December? That was quite a surprise.

I didn’t take any pictures of Christmas or any selfies, because there was no running while I was busy trying not to cough up my lungs. I did however, take a picture of the plate wall after I hung up a couple new plates that my mom found for me!


I think I have 38 of the 51 needed! I just love that wall! It makes me happy every time I see it.

So, it’s January and that means resolutions. I really wanted to go back and revisit my 2015 resolutions, but I just can’t bear to do it. I had such a rough year and literally lost months when I could barely drag myself out of bed each day. I think my best choice would be to just close the book on 2015 and look forward. I have a few resolutions in mind and I will come up with a full list soon.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! 

What was your favorite gift? 

Are you making 2016 Resolutions? 

If you don’t take a selfie after your run, does it even count?

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run selfie

It was cold that night! I remember that I couldn’t feel my face. Mostly because of the wind.

I’m trying not to get frustrated with how slow and short my runs are. It makes me angry that I lost so much of my endurance while I took my break.

I am also struggling with feeding my body better. I now remember what my runs feel like when I eat like crap. It’s also very different running at the end of the day instead of the beginning.

So many changes! But I am really happy to be back out there. I find this amazing sense of peace and calm when I am running and that is so welcome these days.

I went to go have Christmas with my family this weekend. It was a short trip but we did have a lot of fun. The Boss got a sefie stick which is kind of awesome!


Also, my BIL introduced me to this.

Hard Root Beer

Seriously, my new favorite drink. I have to go get some more of this. It tastes mostly like root beer, with just a tiny bit of beer taste. It’s very sugary though, so I imagine that drinking more than a couple would not feel great the next morning!

can't adult

MW got me this t-shirt which I feel like I could pretty much live in. In fact, I did live in it for two days and I have no regrets.

Since I’m on break this week, I have been spending some quality time with my couch. We really missed each other and it’s good to give that relationship some attention.

couch time

Um yes, my Christmas tree is still the best thing ever.

run selfie

Another bad postern selfie, because otherwise, you may not believe that I went out again. Last night was so perfect weather wise. It was 55 degrees, so many Christmas lights, I had a great playlist but unfortunately, it was a punishment run.

I hate those. My legs felt like lead and I was huffing and puffing the entire time. My body isn’t happy with how I am feeding it is my guess.

So, today, I will be nicer to it and see if the next run goes better.

It’s almost Christmas!! Are you ready? I am for the most part. I actually think I need to go out one more time for a few things, but for the most part, everything is wrapped and ready to go! 

Any other nighttime runners out there? That is one of the biggest changes for me. I’d love to hear some tips on getting motivated to go out after dark, after work and when Netflix is calling to me. 

Gimme a Break!

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Today is my final day of work until January!

I’m so excited that I can’t seem to focus on one thing so this blog post will be all over the place.

I bought myself some new jewelry for Christmas.

f you jewlelry

It’s absolutely perfect and I love it.

fart blaster

And why exactly don’t I have a fart blaster yet? I need this in my life.


These were a Christmas gift from QL. And Male Tears smell really good…just sayin’

fam dinner

Dinner with my fam

Reggie couldn’t be there so QL and I kept texting her pictures.


We are mean and I am not sure why she is friends with us.

I tried to make Princess Leia buns today for Star Wars.


I can’t seem to get a picture of them though!


It’s probably because my selfie taking skills are beyond embarrassing. Also, I am a complete dork and I am okay with that.

Today has been really slow at work which I am really thankful for.


Why yes, I do always dress up for work.

cookies in water

Can we talk about this atrocity? QL dips her cookies in water. I told her that we probably couldn’t hang out anymore.  We also had a large fight this morning about nuts in banana bread. I am pro-nut btw.

S & A

This handsome guy has been working out like crazy and the results are showing!

Your turn! 

Banana bread, nuts or no?

Let’s discuss this cookie in water business….

What are you getting yourself for Christmas this year?

Bad Selfies and Hockey Nonsense

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Holla!! I’m actually keeping up with my blog posts! Can you believe it?

adopt a family

On Tuesday, Reggie and I got the pleasure of dropping off our Adopt A Family goodies at the local Children’s Advocacy Center. Our company collected money and items for a local family in need. Plus we adopted two additional children! I used to have The Boss help me pick out a child from the Angel Tree and go shopping for them, but this year I was able to go bigger because of my new job. It made me so happy to help organize all of this.

As we get closer to the new year, I know that I am going to have to go revisit my resolutions. It’s going to suck because 2015 was basically a giant shit ball for most of the year.

That’s okay because I am ready to take on 2016 and so incredibly ready to say goodbye to this year.

lola lights

I’ve been taking Lola on my runs in the evening to help her get some exercise. We love to look at the Christmas lights but she is a terrible selfie taker.

Actually, I can’t seem to get any pictures of her because she is always moving!

lola run

I really love Christmas, like I go full on dork for Christmas. The lights, music, presents, omg! It makes me stupid happy. Give me a terrible Christmas movie in the glow of a fully lit tree and a mug of hot cocoa and I am practically giddy.

Christmas present

This was my gift from Reggie! Is this not adorable? She made them for all the girls in the office, but I still feel special.

Speaking of Reggie, we have spent the entire day sending each other pictures of hockey players. We should probably get some work done, but when she is sending me pictures like this…

Dallas Stars Calendar

I mean really, how can I be expected to work under these conditions?

(P.S. Reggie, if you are reading this, don’t stop, you’re truly gifted at this) 


I’m just gonna stare at this for a while.

Okay, tell me some of your favorite Christmas movies! I have the same ones that I have to watch every year: Die Hard, National Lampoon’s Christmas, Elf and The Santa Claus. 

I Signed up for a Race and I Wasn’t Even Drunk

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I signed up for a race!

I have been missing running so very much and I am so happy to have an excuse to start training for something.

Yes, I have to start all over again with a 5k, but just the thought of pinning on a race bib again gets me all kinds of giddy!!

So, what race did I sign up for, you ask?


The Hot Chocolate 5K!

You may remember that I ran this once before.

Back in 2014 

The race is well organized, the swag is incredible and I remember the course being nice and flat. It should be a perfect way to get back out there.

So, it is officially 8 weeks away and now I start training.

I found my Garmin hidden at the bottom of my old running bag and charged it up. She’s ready to go.

I have dusted off my running shoes.

Man, it feels good to be back.

What are your race plans for 2016?

Anyone else doing the Hot Chocolate where you are? 

I saw 1D…oh, and I took my daughter too

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A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to score tickets to Jingle Ball Dallas. I was so excited to surprise The Boss with this evening out.

Unfortunately, my lack of experience with arena concerts showed up when we were an hour late to our seats. We left the house 2.5 hours before the start of the concert which was 30 miles away.

Seemed like plenty of time of me.

Boy was I wrong.

We missed three acts, one of which The Boss was SO excited to see. We were really bummed and a bit snappy at each other, but we soon calmed down and started to enjoy the show.

Jingle Ball Dallas

And before we knew it, it was time for One Direction

One Direction

I have eagerly admitted to having 1D on my running playlist. It makes me smile, it makes me run a little happier and it always reminds me of The Boss. What’s not to love?

Speaking of love…

white christmas tree

I bought a new Christmas tree this year. I actually used my Amazon points that I have been accruing all year so it was free. I am so in love with it. I promise that I will take a better picture of it this weekend. It has ornaments on it, but for a few days, I just enjoyed that lovely glow. It makes me happy when I look at it. I have always wanted a white Christmas tree and I am only sad that it took me this long to get one.

Last weekend I was invited to tag along with Reggie to another hockey game!


We happened to be sitting in the “lucky section” and won vouchers for a casino! Guess we will have to make a trip there soon!

The only thing that could have made that night any better would have been cheese fries…oh wait.

cheese fries

Yes, pretty much the best Saturday ever. We spent the afternoon doing a wine scavenger hunt. That’s right, a wine scavenger hunt. I don’t drink wine, but I took one for the team. ‘Cause I’m awesome like that.

Your turn! Tell me about your Christmas tree! Real or fake? White? Green? Purple?

Thanksgiving at the Nuthouse

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Yeah, I’m late, what’s new?


We did something different this year for Thanksgiving. You may remember that Thanksgiving has never been one of my favorite holidays.

Remember the Thanksmonster?

So this year, in light of creating new traditions, the kids and I spent the holiday in a cabin in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.


We spent tons of time watching movies and Food network, hanging out in the hot tub (who do I need to talk to about getting one of those at the Nuthouse?), and eating a ton of food!


We also went on the Duck Tour! We were the only ones on the bus/boat and that was a blast.


We each got to drive the bus on the water!


We built a fire and made s’mores.


On Thanksgiving day it started raining and never stopped, but it didn’t bother us any. Not even when the power went out and we played Uno by the light of the fireplace.


While out shopping on Friday, we ran across this pillow.


I didn’t buy it, but I did consider it for a minute!

I hope that your Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful! This was easily my very favorite :)



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I’m still here! I just got distracted.It happens.


I have the most hilarious and supportive friends. They do things like take me out for drinks and cheese fries and then we get tipsy and make bad decisions.


Like eating dessert after said cheese fries.

I was thinking about getting on the treadmill this past week (notice I just thought about it) and I was trying to charge my iPad so that I could watch Netflix while I did it but it refused to charge. I tried everything. Even putting fruit on the cord.


I kid you not. My iPad is now fully charged because I gave it a pomegranate. Seriously. What even is that about?

fuzzy blanket

Does anyone else have to touch all the blankets when they go into stores? I’m a tactile person so I have a tendency to want to touch all the things, all the time. I will veer off course anywhere just to go touch something that looks cool.

Most of the time my friends just go with the flow, but I think I threw Reggie for a loop when I told her that I thought this must be what it felt like to inseminate a cow because I had my arm all the way in. We were laughing so hard that I thought we might get thrown out of JC Penny.


Friday night was spent bowling with these nerds and yes, I did manage to throw the ball behind me while taking my turn.

I only clipped the waitress on the ankle. She’s okay, but I might have died from embarrassment.

 So tell me something embarrassing or awesome that happened to you this week! 


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