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Locked Out

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So, I kind of locked myself out of my own blog.

It’s okay, you can laugh.

My computer has been giving me a hard time for a very long time and MW had an older MacBook that she wasn’t using, so she has let me hold onto it for her. It’s been nice to have a computer that lets me do stuff. I can actually open my email in less than 10 seconds. My laptop? It took me almost 25 minutes to be able to get it to cooperate.


Anyway, I had all my info saved on my laptop, so when it came time to start logging into all my websites on MW’s computer….I couldn’t remember my usernames and passwords to save my life.

The struggle is real.

But I have finally sorted it out and now I can start blogging again….again.

I’m sorry that I am being so flakey recently. It’s been such a time of transition here at the Nuthouse and the changes keep coming. I can’t even begin to catch you up so I have to just hit the highlights.

Let’s see…

*The Boss has the flu, but no one else in the house is sick yet.

*Her cat Jack got out last week and hasn’t come back home. We’ve been checking the shelter and leaving food outside, but no luck.

*I rearranged her room one day while she was at school.


She was happy and surprised with the results!

*The game is out, but we are waiting on a couple of issues to be fixed and then I will encourage you all (strongly) to go and play it!


*I’ve decided that it’s time for me to get a job now that The Boss is in school (and she isn’t coming back to homeschooling).

*I finished my first book of 2015


What a great book!

*I ran on the treadmill a couple of times this month. No big deal, just some intervals, I promise that I am not going to go sign up for any half marathons any time soon.

I am still struggling to find my new rhythm. I didn’t think it would take this long to find a new routine with The Boss going to school, but I guess 10 years of habits are hard to break.

I’ll get there.

I can’t believe that it’s almost time for the Resolution Wrap Up for January. I haven’t even thought about my resolutions this month, so I think it’s going to be rather embarrassing. 

I hope all of my friends up north are staying warm! It’s supposed to be a ridiculous 76 degrees here today. 





Hookahs, Coffee and Zombies? Why Not?

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At some point last week, I went back over to Midget Wrestler’s house and she introduced me to her new drink of choice.


Yep, honey whiskey and limeade. Let me tell you, not a bad mix! Now I need to see if she can figure out what to do with the glazed donut vodka that I bought on impulse.

Peanut is up to his usual shenanigans.


He loves to climb inside the blinds and hang there. Then he will usually yell at me like he needs help, but when I attempt to help him, he claws my hands and looks awfully pleased with himself.


Look at that smug face!

Friday night, Ms. Vodka called me up and invited me to a hookah bar to go watch our friend dance. I tried to bail, insisting that my couch was very comfy and I had found a new show to watch, but she was having none of it.


I had never smoked a hookah before. I had been to a lounge once before, maybe a million years ago, but I can barely remember it.


Ms. Vodka ordered us a pizza and a pomegranate hookah. It wasn’t half bad! The place was laid back and watching our friend R dance was the highlight for me. It’s been so long since I have been able to see her perform.


Isn’t she lovely?


Such a fun night!

Saturday morning I set off to go run some errands and I was snapchatting A and he figured out where I was. To be fair, I was taking pictures of yarn and he knows his way around yarn! To my surprise, while I was walking out to my car, he and T pulled up and kidnapped me and took me off to have coffee and crepes.


I think more people should be whisked off while doing errands to hang out with friends over coffee.  Not a bad way to start off my 2015 Resolution to be around my friends more!

Remember, that new show I referenced? Well, I did end up finishing it on Saturday.


It’s a Syfy docuseries and it’s hysterical. The Boss and I watched several hours worth last night because we just couldn’t stop!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

Glazed donut vodka, what would you mix it with? 

Do you hookah? 

Bonus question: If you were approached to do a reality series about your life, what would the title be? 

2015 Resolutions

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That’s right, kids, I am bringing back the resolutions. I know, I know, there are a lot of people out there that HATE the word resolution. That’s okay, call them whatever you want. I know myself, and I like to have goals, they keep me on track, they give me something to strive for. I feel great when I accomplish them and even when I don’t, I can look back and see what it was that made me leave that goal behind. Was it too far fetched? Was it not really as important as I wanted to think it was? Is it something that I really want, or just something that I think I should want.

I like my resolutions, so I make them.

2014 was a bust. Just take my word for it. I don’t really want to go back and revisit it. At all.

So, let’s just move forward and look at what I want to accomplish this new year.



1. More weight training. I have a new nifty fitness journal that I want to use this year. I like putting pen to paper for my calendar and to do list, so why not my fitness? It makes sense to me!

2. Start running again. Yep, I said it. I don’t plan on tackling any half marathons this year, but I would like to get back to being able to run a 5K if one came around that I was interested in. It seems like a lifetime ago when 3 miles was the absolute shortest that I would run.

3. Eat what makes me happy and screw the scale. That’s right. Eat all the Mexican food and as long as I am comfortable in my clothes and with myself, who cares what a stupid scale says.


1. Pinterest Projects. I really liked this goal last year. I got some cool stuff done that had been on my radar for a while. Of course, I do have “Survive the zombie apocalypse” on my boards, so we will just have to see what happens there.

2. Declutter Calendar. I need to take this one seriously. Specifically in my closets. You can look forward to me publicly shaming myself by posting pictures of my closets.

3. Make a filming area. We have a lot of supplies for filming for The Boss and they are scattered all over the house. Tripods, lights, camera (where is that battery charger, anyway?), costumes and props. On filming day, I have to run from room to room trying to find everything. A central location would really make my life easier.

4. Organize household files. I do have a file box, but there is no organization allowed in there. Any time I have to find something, it’s an all out scavenger hunt. I have to get this under control so that I can find things when I need them (*see resolution #1 )



1. Send more cards and letters. This really is a lost art. I sent out 40 Christmas cards and received 9. It made me really sad because I love getting mail. This year, I will be sending out REAL birthday cards (not ecards, yuk) and letters of thanks to people I love.

2. Read 20 books. I failed on this one last year. I started out really strong, but then fell off the book wagon. I love reading and I hate that I feel like I have to force myself to start this again. I am always looking for recommendations!

3. Travel. My goal is four trips this year. I love to travel and see new places. I have two on the calendar already, so I just need two more to make this goal happen!

4. Friends. I am lumping two together here. I want to make sure that I am making time for the friends that I have and I want to make some new friends. I feel strange saying that, like maybe I am nine years old, but it’s true. I have some great friends, but I am in a different place in my life now and I know that there are some awesome people out there somewhere that could be great additions to my circle.


There you have it! My 2015 Resolutions. I have a few ideas about how to make some of these happen, and I admit that I have some private goals as well But those are just for me.

What about you?

Do you make resolutions? Do you hate that word? 


Walmart Winter Beauty Box Review

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I love subscription boxes. Like totally love them. And it turns out that you love when I talk about them so it’s really a win win.

And here’s the surprise!

I’ve started a YouTube channel to supplement the blog! That’s right, just in case you need a little more of me in your life, you can go watch my videos!

FullSizeRender (1)

Go watch it here!!

I will still post a quick review on the blog, but if you want a more in depth look at the box, not to mention, you get to see me in all my crazy HD glory, go ahead and watch the video too!

I had forgotten that I had signed up for the Walmart Beauty Box some time ago. My box came in last week and I was able to try out all of the items inside.

The box is FREE you just pay $5 for shipping and handling. It’s great for people who just want to try out some new products but don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription service.


I go into full detail on the video about all of the products, but I can tell you that the lipstick was my favorite item. I will buy more of this brand since it really does stay all day. My least favorite thing is a toss up between the body wash, which I found completely underwhelming, and the coupon for the powder that expires today. That really seems pointless.

If you are interested in checking out this beauty box, you can go here.

*Full disclosure, I bought this Beauty Box myself. Walmart does not know that I exist.

Did you watch the video? Would you like to see more videos from The Nuthouse?

Do you subscribe to any monthly boxes? What is your favorite? 

Top five Posts of 2014

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As 2014 rolls to a close, I thought that it would be fun to go back through the year and see what my most popular posts were. Even with my hiatus this summer, I still had some winners.

So, here they are! My top five posts of 2014.

#5. My Son Turns 20 Today

photo 4 (34)

This was a post about Mr. Mister turning 20 this year. I can’t believe my wonderful son is an adult!

#4 Do You Want to Hump a Snowman?

photo (42)

Well, with a name like that, what did I expect from you?

#3 The Day My Daughter Went to Public School

The Boss and I

Yep, this was a gut wrencher for me. I am so proud of The Boss. She is thriving in public school, and as much as I miss spending our days together, I know this is what she wanted. She’s loving all of the friends and works hard, harder than she ever worked at homeschooling.

#2 Stride Box Review


This was a surprise to me. The most surprising thing was that this post wasn’t even written in 2014? It was from 2013. In fact, in the top ten, my Birchbox review  from 2013 was there. You guys like these! So, expect to see some more reviews coming really soon. Plus, I have a surprise for you later this week!

#1 You Can Call me Grace.

photo 1 (21)

This was not a shocker. This really is what my blog is all about. This post was a gem, from me punching myself in the boob during Zumba, to my pants falling down while running across an intersection. And then there are the pictures of my butt that I made Midget Wrestler take. It was for learning purposes, though. For all our new friends here at The Nuthouse, this is exactly what you can expect from me in 2015.
Okay peeps! There you go! I hope that you enjoyed our trip down memory lane. 

I’ll be back soon with an all new review for you and coming soon, my 2015 Resolutions! I am bringing back the Resolution Wrap Up! 

What was your favorite thing that happened in 2014? Tell me a story. 

Too Many People, Too Many Cats

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The holidays are over and I feel like I can take a deep breath. I am already cleaning up the decorations and enjoying lots of down time.

I can really appreciate sleeping in now that The Boss is in public school and I have to get up and out of the house every day like a normal person.

Speaking of The Boss, she totally tricked me into taking her to The Galleria mall in Dallas this week. I have never been a mall person, so I had no idea what a madhouse that would be.


Yes, the tree is pretty, but do you SEE all of those people!?

I was so overwhelmed by the noise and the crowds, that I found the hotel that is part of the mall…did you catch that?…a hotel…in the mall.


I stumbled into the bar and was rewarded with peace and quiet. It was delightfully empty and dark. I ordered a drink and a pizza and then proceeded to answer approximately 1,000,000,000 emails and devour an entire pizza.


The night was spent under the heated blanket which magically attracts cats and watching Breakout Kings on Netflix.


I am so sad that Breakout Kings didn’t make it. I really enjoyed the second season.

Do you brave the malls after Christmas? 

What’s a great show to watch on Netflix? I need a new one now. 

Did you notice the new blog header? Changes are coming to The Nuthouse in 2015!!

Merry Christmas from The Nuthouse

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Whew! What a week!

I have honestly been looking forward to this week for a while. The week between Christmas and New Year’s. I enjoy the lull that comes with this time of year.

We had a wonderful holiday here.

Just a few highlights:


Hanging out and eating junk food with my very favorite Midget Wrestler. We exchanged Christmas presents and she blew me away with her gift.


Seriously? It’s so pretty that I wanted to take it to bed with me. It’s so big that it can hold everything that I want to carry and probably a few things that I don’t. I love love love it.

I really need to take some pictures of the other gifts I received, but I haven’t done that yet. My friends and family were so generous this year! I felt so humbled.


Mr Challenge joined us later in the evening and we spent too many hours playing Cards Against Humanity. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.


One of my other favorite gifts was this mug made by The Boss. She can still be so stinking cute when she wants to be, even though she’s getting so grown up now.

It goes perfectly with my new milk warmer/frother from Mr Challenge!!


I can make the BEST sugar free lattes at home now. I have been so hopped up on caffeine the last few days that I think the neighbors can hear my heartbeat.

Last night, Mr Challenge and I met up at a pub while The Boss was hanging out at the mall (by the way, don’t go to the mall the day after Christmas…just don’t do it) and we happened upon this gem.


Anyone up for some Marargitas? Seriously, just try to say that out loud.

You totally just tried, didn’t you?

Katie & Mom (1)

Happy Holidays from The Nuthouse!

Tell me what your favorite present was this year! 

Peanut, Pizza, Planners and the Worst Thing I Have Ever Smelled

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Peanut is basking in all of the love that you guys are sending.


Have I ever told you that he sucks his tail to go to sleep? He usually comes into the bed in the morning to nap with us until I get up. I tried to get a picture of him sucking his tail, but it was pretty well hidden.  You can tell when he has been napping during the day because the tip of his tail will look like a paintbrush. Ridiculously cute, right?


‘Tis the season to have to use two planners. I am still using 2014 for December, but I have to take out my new 2015 one every day to add something to January. I am old school and I still have to use paper planners. I tried moving everything over to the computer, but that just doesn’t work for me. I need to put pen to paper.


Last weekend, I took The Boss and her friend to Amazing Jakes and made my antisocial nest again. Did you know there is such a thing as Baked Potato Pizza? It sounds disgusting, but it was actually amazeballs.

I love seeing other people’s autocorrect issues. I could read them all day. When it happens to me, it isn’t always as funny, but this time, I think I laughed for five minutes straight. Mr. Challenge was going to Starbucks and asked me what The Boss would like. This is what my phone came up with.


The best part is, he totally understood what I was trying to say!

I know that you were anxiously waiting to see what would happen when I attempted to fix my washing machine. I ordered a $6 part off of Amazon and it finally came in.


Then I had to take the washing machine apart to put this new part in.


Let me tell you, the entire downstairs smelled like death during this part because of the water that had been sitting in there for a week. Gag.

I did fix the washer with only one broken nail, a few tears and just over 100 f-bombs.

But hey, it works now!

I have spent the last two days watching almost all of the Die Hard movies. I fell asleep twice so I have to finish #4 today. We watch Die Hard every Christmas. It’s one of my favorite traditions.

What are your favorite holiday movies that you watch every year? For me: Die Hard, National Lampoon’s Christmas and The Santa Claus (don’t judge, I seriously love that movie).

What about calendars? Paper or online? Which system works the best for you?

My Trip to Fredericksburg

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Last month I took a girl’s trip to Fredericksburg, Texas.

I still have all these pictures on my phone, so let’s time travel a bit, shall we?


Our first stop on the way there, was the Deep Eddy Vodka distillery.  In fact, I don’t think that my friend S has a nickname yet, so I am going to call her Ms. Vodka.

It makes sense, I assure you.

There was no production going on, but we did help ourselves to the bar to try out some of their flavored vodka.



Not a bad way to start a girl’s weekend.

The drive down took a lot out of us. We stopped for barbeque, vodka and groceries along the way. So instead of going out that night, we opted to order a pizza and then proceed to destroy it like the classy ladies that we are.


We were staying in this tiny one bedroom cottage just a block from downtown. It was really cute and perfect for just two people.


Fredericksburg is home to a famous pie shop, so naturally, that became something that we had to do.


Pie anyone?

IMG_0749My favorite was the Peanut Butter Cup with a close second being the Orange Bourbon Pecan.

Next one the agenda was some walking around and shopping.


We found this little boutique that gave us champagne while we shopped. I may have overspent a bit there.


We also hit the Goodwill in town where we made some amazing scores. I love that Ms Vodka shares my love of thrift shopping.

On Sunday we took a trip to visit the Garrison Brother Bourbon Distillery.


This place is really cool and if you ever find yourself in Hye, Texas, you should totally check it out.

IMG_0771 IMG_0769

It was cold and misting that day, but we had a great time!


That’s totally not a fake smile!!

I had a great weekend. Ate lots of food, had plenty to drink and so many laughs!

Do you often go on weekend trips with friends? I know some of you take some racecations! 

My fellow thrift shoppers, do you try and hit thrift stores while traveling? I made some really great buys on this trip! 

LinkedIn and Cat Lady Problems

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So, about a month ago, I made a LinkedIn profile on a whim. I was helping a friend look up some information, and I needed a profile to see some people on the site, so I threw together a quick profile.

I didn’t pay attention to any of my settings, so I am sure that almost everyone I know got an invitation from me.(Sorry about that everyone!) I didn’t even completely fill the thing out, just the bare minimum so that it would let me in.

There is a point to this story.

Anyway, I guess I didn’t change any of my settings, so, every time someone looks at my profile, I get an email. I had intended on going to the site and changing my settings but I am lazy and hadn’t done it yet.

There are a handful of people in this world who don’t like me. Like really don’t like me. Some have said nasty things about me and all of them have cut off any contact with me.

Yet, I get notifications that they are looking at my LinkedIn profile.


You guys wouldn’t throw water on me if I were on fire, but your curiosity got the best of you?

I did link my profile to my blog because I had to put my current job, so I thought “why not?”. So, on the off chance that this handful of people who are for some reason stalking the most boring page in the world, find their way to my blog, I have something to say.


And, if you want to see how I am doing without you guys, feel free to subscribe to the blog, it’s far more entertaining than LinkedIn, but if you are looking for me to moan and cry about how much I miss you, you will be disappointed. The only reason any of you are on my radar at all is because your name and picture showed up in my email. In the wise words of Big Sean:

Bitch, I don’t give a fuck about you, or anything that you do

Now, for the rest of us! I’m glad you’re here. I like you.

Cat lady problems abound in my house. And most of them are caused by Peanut.


I caught him sitting on my laptop trying to Google something. I imagine it was “how to escape humans who take care of you” or perhaps “how to leave claw marks on practically everything”.

Lucky for me, he can’t spell.


I still need to type up a post about my trip to Fredricksburg. I have a ton of pictures but for now, let’s keep up with my randomness that I found on my phone.


My current favorite lunch. I love these TJ’s salads and eat them almost every day.


My freezer is looking a little less pathetic after another Freezer Meal Workshop hosted by Sexy Librarian. These are seriously a life saver because my brain sometimes stops working around 4 p.m.


And finally, how I kill time in the carpool lane. I have a few scarves that I am trying to make as gifts, but seriously, who stole like three hours out of my 24 per day?

I think the worst thing about The Boss going to public school isn’t the homework, but that damn carpool lane. Good grief. What a waste of time.

Okay, Christmas is getting closer! Are you ready? I wish our weather was a little colder. I am not trying to call down Icemaggedon like last time, but it would be nice to have hot chocolate in a sweater instead of a tank top.

I’m starting to think that Peanut should have his own blog, or maybe an Instagram. He’s such a character! 

What’s the one thing you want for Christmas this year? Go big! Put it out into the universe!! 


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