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Home Again, Home Again

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I’m back home!

I will admit to you that I totally underestimated how exhausted I would be during this trip. It makes me sad that I never used the gym at the hotel because it was so amazing, but I could barely drag myself out of bed every morning.

Totally worth it though.

Why yes, I do bring my own coffee maker with me when I travel.

photo 1 (78)

Wednesday, The Boss and I caught the double decker tour bus while my MIL was at her conference.

photo 3 (77) photo 2 (96)

We saw the Alamo and all sorts of other great things.

photo 4 (56)

And it became clear to me that I should have packed the sunscreen.

photo 4 (57)

Afterwards, I kept the streak alive and dove into Mexican food meal number 5.

photo 5 (38)

After lunch we headed to Ripley’s Believe it or Not and the Wax Museum.

photo 3 (78)

Me and Miley, be jealous.

We also indulged in some snow cones and selfies.

photo 1 (79) photo 2 (97)

That evening, my MIL brought back a big bag of swag from her conference. I won’t need to buy any more pens for the rest of my life.

photo 5 (39)

Thursday was a a full day of walking since The Boss and I walked to the Riverwalk Mall to do some shopping…of course, did you expect something different?

In addition to bringing my own coffee maker, I also brought my favorite 9 year old coffee mug.

photo 1 (80)

After the mall, we decided to look for a local thrift store. Since everyday is a homeschooling day, The Boss was in charge of using google maps to help us find our way to a Goodwill store we looked up. She did great! I would have been lost without her.

photo 2 (99)

I almost bought this dress but it would have been quite large on me. If it had fit, I would have found an excuse to wear it.

After all the walking, we treated ourselves to ice cream.

photo 3 (79)

And then later, I ate my 6th Mexican food  meal in a row.

photo 4 (58)

I didn’t make it to seven. I failed you all. I’m sorry.

Last night when we got home, all I could think about was my bed. So, I drove through Chick-fil-a and then proceeded to watch “Say Yes to the Dress” until I fell asleep. Not a bad way to end a vacation, even if there was no more Mexican food.

Now, it’s time to get back to reality. Back to running, lifting and counting my macros. I feel tired, dehydrated and sluggish, so I’m looking forward to cleaning up my act.

Thanks for coming along with me! 

What do you have to take with you when you travel?

Is there a secret to working out while on vacation? I tend to wear myself out so much that I can’t face the gym, not even a little bit. 



The Great Mexican Food Challenge

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Okay, things got busy and I haven’t had a chance to post, so let’s catch up.

Be warned, this post is long!

Going back to Sunday night, I met up with a friend and went to Torchy’s Tacos and then went to see Bad Words at the theater.

photo 1 (9)

Dear tacos, I love you.

This was my second night of eating Mexican food, I  had no idea that this would be a theme this week, although I should have.

The Boss once again got into my phone and started messing with Siri.

photo (1)

Ah, the joys of having a preteen daughter.

Monday we went to the orthodontist for a check up and he told her that he was going to wiggle a couple of baby teeth to see if they were loose and he ended up yanking two of them out!

The Boss was not impressed. She came out into the waiting area and handed me two teeth and had a look on her face like “Can you believe this guy?”

Personally, I appreciated the fact that we didn’t have to go to the dentist to go through two more extractions! That saved me a ton of money. For some reason, neither of my kids’ baby teeth have wanted to fall out on their own.

Afterwards, I did take her to Bahama Bucks for shaved ice. It was the least I could do.

photo 4 (51) photo 5 (33)

Monday night we went out for Mexican food again and I caught on to the three days in a row.

photo 1 (74)

I was starting to realize that if I worked at it, I could probably go seven days in a row!

Tuesday morning I hit the gym for arms and abs.

photo 2 (94)

I finally hit 20 pounds on the concentration bicep curls. It may not seem like much to some people, but it was something that I have been working toward for a looooong time. I’m killing it in the gym and lifting more than I ever thought I could! I think I am actually looking forward more to my gym days than my running days right now.

We hit the road and I’ll share a few pics from our travels

photo 3 (74)

Fields of bluebonnets on the highways.

photo 4 (52)

Pickled pigs feet and pickled eggs in a gas station.

photo 5 (34)

Kolachies at the Czech stop in West, Texas.

photo 1 (75)

Take them out of the bag first, Suzan.

photo 3 (75)

Speed limit 85!

photo 4 (53) photo 5 (35)

Our hotel and the view from our balcony.

photo 1 (76)

It’s a shared balcony, but we are pretty obnoxious and territorial so no one seems to come out when we are out there.

photo 2 (95)

Because I am a genius. I bought an over the door shoe holder to hold all of our stuff in the bathroom. Three girls sharing one hotel bathroom can get a little crowded!

photo 3 (76)

Mexican dinner number four. I know you are so proud of me.

photo 1 (77)

True statement.

photo 4 (54) photo 5 (36)

The rooftop pool. I sure love taking trips with this girl.

Last night was spent sitting on the balcony people watching.

photo 4 (55) photo 5 (37)

We even saw a marriage proposal! How adorable!

So, sorry about the longer than normal post, but I am sure I will have a million more photos today. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of the action!

I skipped the gym this morning, but I will be going tomorrow since they have a sweet selection of weight machines!

Married peeps, where did you get engaged? I have a pretty funny story that I will have to tell you one day. 

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, high five! 


Will Run for Tacos

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I decided to try to go for a run on Saturday morning after all.

photo 1 (7)

I was greeted with an amazing sunrise. I don’t think this picture captures how brilliant that pink really was, but it will have to suffice. Trust me, it was awesome. It  was just that hot pink and the indigo sky for a few minutes.

I ran five miles with a friend from the running club and felt amazing. Like really amazing.

photo 2 (93)

I felt like I could have run five more.

Maybe resting fully was a good thing!

Last night was a lazy night with Netflix and Taco Cabana.

photo 3 (73)

I know how to party.

I had a serious case of Runger last night. I seem to have forgotten how hungry I get after running!

This week will be lots of fun. I am heading out of town for a quick getaway and I should hit my 300th post and have a giveaway for you! Be ready for picture overload as I head out on a road trip!

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, (@welcomenuts) you totally should. It’s probably even more random than the blog!

Lots of races out there this weekend! Shout out if you raced! I am cheering you all on from here. :)

When do you run? Morning, afternoon or evening? For me, if it doesn’t happen first thing in the morning, it doesn’t happen at all. I would like to do some evening runs sometime, but it never seems to work out for me. 



Friday Five – Oh Hail! Edition

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We had some crazy weather last night.

photo 2 (5)

Luckily, nothing happened here, but the tornado was forming in our lovely city as it moved east. We had the sirens going off for a while and got our safe place ready.

photo (3)

We have a small closet inside of our office closet which is our place to go in case of tornados and also houses our emergency supplies.

No tornado in my neighborhood, but it was a close one. We did get some nice sized hail.

photo 3 (71)

Picture courtesy of my friend Special K. 

I took some video, but it’s just really loud and dark and of course, you can hear me yelp every time I get pegged by a piece of hail. So, between the cruddy lighting and the shouting of cuss words, I decided not to share it.


Now let’s get on to the wonderful randomness that is my Friday Five.

1. When my plum trees bloom. 

photo 1 (5)

It happens fast and it is over before you know it, but those few days when they are covered in blooms are my favorite.

2. Diet Coke with coconut and lime.

photo 3 (72)

Where has this been all of my life?

3. The Float Spot.

photo 2 (92)

I love going here for a quick massage every single chance I get.

4. Cookies ‘n Cream Quest Bars

photo 4 (50)

I was finally able to get my hands on these bad boys after looking for weeks! They are just as good as I imagined. 21g of protein FTW!

5. My new shirt. 

photo 1 (6)

Anything but Cardio. Kind of sums up how I’ve been feeling recently. It’s been almost two weeks since my last half marathon and I haven’t hit the pavement once.  I’ve been lifting weights like a beast and every muscle in my body is sore, but it feels great. I feel like I am just about ready to start running again. I have started to miss it a little bit and that’s a good sign.

Did you have any crazy weather last night? That storm looked HUGE! 

What’s your favorite drink to get when you are out and about? 

Feel free to share something random about your week! 

Hello Soreness my Old Friend

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Wow, I wasn’t messing around yesterday when I worked out these poor triceps.

My body is sore today like it hasn’t been in a long time. It’s a good thing, I promise.

Yesterday, I was cleaning up the backyard before the lawn company comes to mow and I found a baby bunny nest!

photo 1 (4)

The Boss and I oohed and aahed over it for a little while and then left it alone. I can’t believe that Lola hasn’t found it. She loves to chase and catch some bunnies.

After finishing schoolwork and half of our filming, I bet you can’t guess where I found myself.

photo 2 (91)

Yep, the mall, again.  The Boss had some serious shopping to do and we were there until the place closed down.

We planned on eating dinner there and when I went to pay, I found that I had left my debit card in my gym bag from that morning! Thank goodness The Boss was able to buy us dinner.

And what a dinner it was! I ate at Tin Star Tacos which I had never tried before and I loved it! I won’t balk at going to the mall anymore as long as I know that there will be Mexican food involved. I tried out the Gourmet Quesadilla and it was heaven wrapped inside a tortilla.

photo 3 (70)

No worries, I still hit my macros for the day!

I didn’t run again this morning, I would like to say it is because I am sore, but honestly, I woke up tired and I am kind of waiting around to find my running mojo again. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.

Any advice to help me find that love of running again? I’m a bit race poor right now, so signing up for another one isn’t in the cards at the moment. 



March Resolution Wrap Up

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I hit the gym this morning with Mr. Mister and even managed to take a quick selfie after we finished abs. That boy is a machine and he kills me more and more every time we go to the gym together.

photo (1)

Let’s see how I did for March.


Clean up eating.

This month I really did much better thanks to prepping so much of my food in advance.

photo 2 (78)

Not to say that there weren’t some times when I fell off the wagon…

photo 2 (77) photo 1 (68) photo 5 (29) photo 2 (88)


It’s all about balance, right?

Weight Training Three sessions in February turned into six in March. Still not where I want to be, but having a workout buddy that pushes me hard has made a huge difference.

photo 4 (44)

Walk Lola We made it out a total of three times this month. I am improving, but still not where I want to be.


Pinterest List I bought a few things that had been on my boards, but I didn’t tackle any actual projects this month and that’s okay with me. Last month I got a lot accomplished on this one.

Eat at the table  Meh, not really that great, although I am personally eating at the table more to make sure that I am not snacking all day long.

Declutter Calendar I made it halfway through the month…again. This seems to be a theme.


Make a budget to find out where my money goes. I am still logging away and paying attention. I keep adjusting things to see if I can bring things down more. I need to make more of a game of it.

Pay off Credit Cards  Still only making the minimum payments as of right now. Have to find more room in the budget, which probably means no more races for a while.

Put Money into Savings account. See above.

Couponing Starting to see some payoff here finally.  We are stocked up on toiletries and lots of food staples. It’s getting easier every single week. It’s still time consuming, but I am really working on getting that food budget down.

Stop using Debit Card. This moves to the forefront as of April. I had to get yet another debit card due to fraud. I changed my card at the gym this morning and the lady told me that this is the fourth card I have had since I started there. She also informed me that I could bring in a voided check so that I could get around the debit card, so that is what I plan to do next week. I am so over all of this hassle.


Practice more gratitude :: Crickets:: Whoops, I totally failed on this one.

Read 20 books I only read one book this month but since February was such a good month my total is nine for the year. I need to go pay off my overdue fines at the library and pick up some new books for April.

People over once a month for dinner and games. I finally figured out why this one keeps getting pushed back. Most of the people who I would like to have over have adopted some eating habits different from my own and I am not comfortable cooking for them! Vegan, Paleo, low fat…I freak out under that kind of pressure. So I think I will focus on meeting friends either at my home or out and about and let those count. As long as we aren’t glued to our phones and we are paying attention to each other, then I will accept it.

Dinner with T&A, lunch with girlfriends at the Preteen Hangout, lunch with R, and lunch with MW

photo 1 (3) photo 1 (2) photo 2 (88)

One pair of jeans that are not Mom Jeans. Done, and I am almost ready to look for another pair and finally throw out my Mom Jeans that I keep wearing.

Go to MNO at least twice a month for homeschool support. Done.

photo 5 (32) photo 3 (63)


Destination Race I need to make a decision about this soon. I keep trying to wait until I can squirrel away some money. My first choice is looking like the Army 10 miler or maybe something in OKC.

Drop Half Marathon time to 2:30 Well, we all know how this month’s half went. I don’t know that I could have gone slower if I had tried. I am hoping that the clean eating and the strength training will help me get leaner and faster.

Incorporate more hill and speed work into training. Hooray hills!

photo 2 (72)

I made it to hill repeats two out of the four Wednesdays this month and I even did them all by myself with no one to drag me out of bed. That makes me really happy, that’s not something I would have done a few months ago. I skipped the one just before my half (to save my legs) and the one right after (because I was lazy) but I feel like I can make it more times in April.

My mileage went up again, even after taking this past week off!

January 29

February 44

March 56

Now I feel like I have a goal for April even without a race on the calendar.

Overall, I feel pretty good about this month. There are still some areas that need focus, but I feel like I am making some new habits which is the ultimate goal.  Of course, just about anything would have been better than February…

How are you doing on your goals for the year? 

I need some new books to read, what are some of your favorites? 

If you do a Resolution Wrap Up, post it in the comments so we can all come and check it out! 


That Saturday I Didn’t Run

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Friday I had lunch with one of my favorite people, Midget Wrestler.

photo 1 (2)

I remembered to take a picture of my lunch for you, but totally forgot to take a picture of our happy faces. My bad. We spent lunch chatting and catching up and MW told me the best story ever, about how her friend set her up on a blind date, but no one told the guy that it was a date! I am still laughing about that one!

I ran (not literally) to the library and this van caught my eye.

photo 2 (89)


Sure, it just looks like a minivan until you notice that it has a large advertisement for printer ink on the back and on the sliding doors, a slightly smaller advertisement for sexy messages from hot ladies.  I wonder how much you get paid for those adverts? Maybe that would be a way to fund my race addiction?

Saturday morning I woke up with a killer headache and skipped my run. It’s been a long time since I missed a Saturday run. Unfortunately, my running mojo has completely disappeared now and I even skipped my Monday morning run. Whoops.

Sunday night we met up with T&A for dinner.

Mr. Challenge and I arrived early and since I was starving I ordered some fries to hold me over until dinner.

photo 4 (49)

Awe, look, they gave me a tiny spoon for my ketchup.

photo 3 (69)

And a blood orange martini to help settle my nerves. I am not a fan of the fancy restaurants and I tend to feel uncomfortable and nervous about what I can eat. We all know that I am not adventurous when it comes to food. I like to stick to what I know.

photo 2 (90)

I shouldn’t have worried because the steak was incredible and I even ate my green beans! It didn’t even bother me that I had to scrape the mushrooms off my steak.

photo 1 (3)

Dinner with three of my favorite men. Mr. Challenge hates having his picture taken so he was nice enough to play photographer.

Today we wrap up March so I will have to face my Resolutions tomorrow. I wonder how I did. 

I am coming up quickly on my 300th blog post and I will have a fun giveaway to go with it, so watch out for that! 

Anyone else having trouble finding their running mojo? I feel like the weather is great here and I need to get out there, but I am just not feeling it. It may because I don’t have another race on the calendar. I need to set some sort of goal to reach for this summer. 


Friday Five 3.28.2014

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Hooray for Friday! I am glad that this week is over, blerg.

Let’s get right into the randomness that is my Friday Five, shall we?

1. I am jut about to hit my 300th post here at Welcome to the Nuthouse. That’s pretty exciting to me!

2. The Boss has introduced me to Parry Gripp.

Watch the video here! 

Seriously, these songs need to be on my running playlist. They are so funny and who doesn’t want it to rain tacos? Be warned, they are totally annoying and will get stuck in your head all day!

3. Working out with Mr. Mister. He really pushes me. This morning he made me up my weight by 20 pounds on the cable row! He really keeps me in check when I want to phone it in.

4. When I find photos like this on my phone

photo (48)


5. The fact that we can all have different opinions about the SELF magazine fiasco but things can stay friendly in the comments. You guys are the best.

I read a couple of different apologies from SELF yesterday and the first one still didn’t make me feel any better. I don’t think it is right for a magazine with such a large platform to make fun of women who are trying to be fit. We have all poked fun at other people and we all have our pet peeves, but when I am really making fun of someone, it is usually myself, with pictures to prove it! I will admit to laughing at the People of Walmart site so perhaps I should climb down off of my high horse, but I believe with popularity, comes responsibility and I think that SELF dropped the ball on that one.

Happy Friday! 

I know a few of you are racing this weekend, shout it out so I can cheer you on! 



Self Shaming and….well, SELF Shaming

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I only thought that I was finished being in a funk. I woke up this morning and just could not face the world.

But, let’s talk about yesterday.

I managed to make it out of the house and hit the Preteen Hangout with The Boss where I proceeded to make totaly clean and healthy food choices.

photo 1 (73)

Yep, there’s the shame.

photo 2 (88)


Yes, that is me eating ice cream. No, I do not know what it happening with my hair.

Afterwards, we headed over to the SPCA so that The Boss could share some love.

photo 3 (68)

She loves going and petting all of the animals. She is counting down the days until her 12th birthday so that she can volunteer there. She has been waiting for years to make this happen. Sometimes, we just go up there so that she can be around all of the animals. It makes her so happy.

As I scrolled through my newsfeed this morning, I was bombarded with angry status updates about the SELF magazine blurb condemning runners who wear tutus. If this has escaped your radar thus far, here is a picture.



I borrowed the picture from Miles, Muscles & Mommy who had the same reaction that many of us have had.

I don’t wear costumes when I run but that is a personal choice. I am a chubby runner who has enough problems with clothes riding up and chafing without adding more to the mix. I love seeing people wear costumes and I will admit that when I see women like Monika (above in Wonder Woman outfit) I am in awe of how they look so fantastic while they run 26.2 miles. And let’s not forget, in case you haven’t read the story yet, Monika was in the middle of chemotherapy for flipping brain cancer.

I am embarrassed that I am a subscriber to SELF magazine today. Although, I will happily admit that I haven’t been reading them as I prefer Women’s Running and Runner’s World much more these days. SELF is a little too much “How to Look Sexy in your Bikini” for me.

I did wear a tutu as I did the Breast Cancer 3 Day. My team wore them and I was part of the team so I did it. I personally found it to be itchy and cumbersome, but we took cute pictures!


No one…no one should be made fun of for running, ever. We all have our pet peeves as we run and we laugh about them, but at the same time, most runners are accepting of other runners no matter what their pace or what they wear.  I am a back of the pack girl with walk breaks and 30 extra pounds but I still go out there and do more on a Saturday morning than a lot of other people.

When I look at the photo, I see women that I aspire to be like, not run away from.

SELF Magazine, you should be ashamed.

What are your thoughts on this?

And can someone come over and smack me every time I reach for the ice cream instead of a salad? 




Post Race Slump

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By now, I’ve done enough races to know that afterwards I hit a funk. For a couple of days after any large race, I sit around and usually wonder what I could have done differently and question the choices that I made.

Did I run as fast as I could have?

Why didn’t I bring gloves?

Did I train correctly and what will I do differently next time?

Blah blah blah.

So, yes, I have had my post race slump and I am now ready to join the rest of the world again.

Monday night, I decided that I needed some serious comfort food, so I made lasagna.

photo (45)

I can’t remember the last time I made lasagna, or even ate lasagna. It was so good that I am not sure why I ever stopped eating it.

Tuesday morning I hit the gym with Mr. Mister for arms and abs. It felt good to get back in there, but this morning, I just couldn’t face putting on my running shoes. I finally got my official race time and it was 2:54:30.

Really, Suzan? That’s slow even by my standards. I know that I went in just wanting to have fun, but that time actually hurt my pride.

And then this lovely letter came in the mail.

photo (46)

My debit card has been compromised….again. This is the second time in six months.

Remember that New Years Resolution to stop relying so heavily on my debit card? It’s time for that one to move front and center. It is such a pain to change over all the auto-pay bills that are attached to my card.

Anyway, enough belly-aching.

Today I am focusing on my clean eating. Since I was gone all day Sunday with the race and the movie and such, I didn’t prep my meals this week and that seems to affect my mood as well.

Now, just for your enjoyment, I went through my race photos this morning and found a real gem. You  have to excuse the quality, because I just took a photo of it on my computer, with my phone. You remember that I told you that I ran intervals with my friend T, right? I can only assume that my watch was telling me to run again and I was not too thrilled about it.

photo (47)


You’re welcome.

Happy Hump Day! 

Anyone racing this weekend? 

Do you fall into a slump after a race? 



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